LCWC College held a scholar talk on last Tuesday and Wednesday night (October 7th and 8th) , the topic is ‘’Major Intercollegiate Competition- Taiwan National Tsing Hua / Chiao Tunng University: Mei-Chu Competition”. The College invited Prof. Frank Yip, the former vice-principal of National Tsing Hua University, whom also has assisted in this competition for years. Through Prof. Yip’s sharing, audiences knew the famous Mei-Chu games are the pinnacle of campus athletics, and also an annual competition between NTHU and her neighbor, National Chiao Tung University. Competitions in dozens of events keep the rivalry alive and fun! The lecture attracted more than 30 participants, include Mr. Samson Cheong (張學森) from the RTO. During the lecture, Prof. Yip showed a lot of wonderful pictures and videos to take participants interest in Meichu Competitions; He also wished college can link up with this activity from Taiwan, and to developing college’s culture in healthy and positive way. After wonderful sharing by Prof. Yip, he emphasized that this big competition is usually organized by students and contains educational meaning that included promote the sense of identity, solidarity, cooperation, communication and coordination skills, sportsmanship and so on. The audiences were so interested in the lecture that they asked many questions during the Q&A session. Finally, Prof. Yip concluded that ‘’All the intensive fighting for the victory now will become brotherhood friendship in the future.’’ That’s the best sentence to describe the Mei-Chu Competition.