Result of the Door-Tag Competition‏

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Result of the Door-Tag Competition‏

The evaluation result of the Doot-Tag Competition is revealed. Congratulations to the following groups for winning the competition:
This competition was judged by Associate Master Dr. Chan, Resident Fellow Yang-Yi and Caixia.
Judging criteria
Common identity / lifestyle / interest – 50%.

Creativity – 30%

Participation – 20%

Name/RT/RA Prize Mark
王亦彤3003 Gold 94.33 out of 100
楊馥銘2051 Silver 90.67 out of 100
廖芸 4042 Bronze 89.33 out of 100
吴欣媛5031 Most Common identity 48.33 out of 50
鄭子豪1054 Most Creative 29.33 out of 30

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