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Resident Fellow

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Mr. Yang-Yi Zheng, MSc

Office: G002
Office Extension: (853)8822 9357

Hello everyone, I’m Yang-Yi from Taiwan. It’s my honor for living and applying both my experiences and knowledge with LCWC. My previous job was a full time mentor in Tsing-hua College of National Tsing Hua University from May, 2010 to Aug., 2014. I believe that residential college is an important base for university education, and it worth investing resources and passion equivalent to the regular system. Even though my major was Art-related subjects in university, but I began to think deeply about the relationship and possibilities between people and the society since I was an undergraduate student. Therefore, I chose to study social philosophy for my master and doctoral degree; I also have great interest in ethnic issues and cross-strait affairs and culture interchange. In addition to my specialized field, I devote myself to teaching swimming and martial art for a long time. I’m not only concentrating on exploring the feeling of body perception, but also very willing to share all of my experiences. Hope we can explore ourselves and the world together in future college life.