Lui Che Woo College Held “Family Dinner” Successfully

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Lui Che Woo College Held “Family Dinner” Successfully

In order to express the support and best wishes to all Lui Che Woo College (LCWC) students for their final exam, LCWC held Family Dinner on 26 November 2015. More than 100 teachers and students came together to share their joyful college life, which highlighted the atmosphere of the event. The dinner was held in traditional Chinese “round-table” style, and the seats of all participants were pre-arranged. Students can wear comfortable casual outfit and take a break before the exam to join the dinner. With this unique setting, students not only can sit closely with each other and make more new friends, but also can feel more relaxed to chat with each other while having the Chinese cuisine.

Before the dinner started, Prof. Yip Ming-Chuen (College Master of LCWC) encouraged the students to strive hard for the exam, and wished them success in the exam. During the dinner, Prof. Yip proposed a toast to each table with Dr. Chan Moon Fai (Associate Master and Chief of Students of LCWC), in the hope of success for the exam, which marked a memorable ending to the dinner.

College Master, Prof. Yip Ming-Chuen was expressing his best wish to the students for their success in the exam.
Family Dinner aims at encouraging students to get closer with each other.
Toasting moment of Prof .Yip, College Associate Master, Dr. Chan Moon Fai and student.

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