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Hip-Hop Classes are Coming…

                        想學舞蹈的童鞋們,你d有福啦!!! HA請來了兩位重量級的舞蹈dancer來教學,保證學會! 無論系Girl's Style定Breaking,佢哋都可以搞掂噻。 趕快查看Poster查看時間同埋報名啦!

January 17th, 2015|Highlight|

Christmas Party

                    終於黎到聖誕節啦,但系就要在書院溫書準備考試??唔洗驚!我們院生會就為大家準備了一個「ChristmasParty」,為大家打打氣,讓大家感受聖誕氣氛,同時RELAX~一下,休息是為走更遠的路哦~12月7日晚G030 (20:00) 我們期待大家的來臨!!!

January 6th, 2015|Highlight|

Dining Etiquette Workshop

Dining Etiquette Workshop Date: 20/Oct and 22/Oct Time: 08:00pm-08:40pm Instructor: Dr. M.F. Chan (Associate Master & Chief of Students) Venue: G030 at LCWC

October 16th, 2014|High Table Dinner|

Scholar Lecture By Designated Master Prof. Yip| “Meichu Competition”

LCWC College held a scholar talk on last Tuesday and Wednesday night (October 7th and 8th) , the topic is ‘’Major Intercollegiate Competition- Taiwan National Tsing Hua / Chiao Tunng University: Mei-Chu Competition”. The College invited Prof. Frank Yip, the former vice-principal of National Tsing Hua [...]

Result of the Door-Tag Competition‏

The evaluation result of the Doot-Tag Competition is revealed. Congratulations to the following groups for winning the competition: This competition was judged by Associate Master Dr. Chan, Resident Fellow Yang-Yi and Caixia. Judging criteria Common identity / lifestyle / interest – 50%. Creativity – 30% Participation - 20% Name/RT/RA Prize Mark 王亦彤3003 Gold 94.33 out [...]

October 13th, 2014|College Events, News|

Scholar Lecture | “Meichu Competition”

主題:大型校際對抗賽:台灣清華大學交通大學“梅竹賽” Theme:Major Intercollegiate Competition Taiwan National Tsing Hua / Chiao Tunng University "Meichu Competition" 講者:呂志和書院院長 葉銘泉教授 Speaker: LCWC Master Prof. Frank Yip 時間(Time):7 & 8/10 8:00pm-9:30pm 地點(Place):G-012  

Belly Dance Workshop

Workshop Content • Background of the Belly Dance • Posture, Body-wave, Arabic Undulation • Practical Steps transition Date: 25/Sep; 16/Oct; 30/Oct; 13/Nov; 27/Nov Venue:G017 (Dancing Room) Number of Participant 8 ‐10 Class Arrangement: 20:30 –20:45   Warm Up 20:45–21:15   Learning & Practice 21:15 –21:30   Relaxing

September 25th, 2014|Highlight, Upcomming Events|