College Master

Prof. Tam

Prof.  Sik Chung TAM, PhD

Office: G041
Office Extension: (853)8822 4475

Welcome to Lui Che Woo College (LCWC). I am the Associate Master of the college.  Also, I have been working for Faculty of Science and technology (FST) as a Math Professor since 1996. My academic interests are computational intelligence, neural networks, evolutional optimization, and applications of mathematics. Besides, I am the one and a half generation of toy collector in both Macau and Hong Kong. My toy collection includes mainly starships and robots from Star Trek, Transformers, Macross, and Gundam manga series. Currently, I am interesting in toys from Avengers. Drop by my office, and I can share more with you. Furthermore, I have been in fever of Chinese calligraphy for years. There is a calligraphy database called Genesis Chinese Calligraphy System in UM library website, and you will find that I am the creator.

I am glad that you will become one of us. LCWC is more than a place for you to stay. It will offer a lot of opportunities for us to share our lives with each other, help each other, and care each other. In addition, it will provide you with plenty of assistance of knowing more about yourself and things you may need in the future. I am sure we are going to be helpful in many ways and you will feel warm in this place. Remember “we are family” is the main theme of LCWC. I wish your RC life will be very much fruitful and I look forward to seeing you in LCWC soon.